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As you know, telephone conversation is often inefficient and inaccurate. A telephone can only send sounds and a verbal communication often causes difficulties like homephones, visual descriptions, complicated explanations, wrong pronunciations etc.


What if you can use a chat-like communication assistance while a telephone call? Now you have such a solution! BePath is a bypass chat web application where you can exchange texts, images, files etc. to assist your conversation.


But how to connect those two persons who are on a telephone call? Do you want to disclose your messenger ID or email address or exchange long digits one-time passcode?


BePath provides a right solution, “STAGGERED ONE-TIME PASSCODE”. First of all, one of the two telephone calling persons (now it’s the Operator as “O”) gets the 1st 3digits passcode “123”, and tell it to the counter person (now it’s you as “Y”). “Y” inputs the 1st passcode “123”.



Then “Y” gets the following passcode “987” and tell back to “O”. And “O” inputs the passcode “987”.


Then our BePath server judges how many person have the same passcode chain as “123 987”. If there are only 2 persons as “Y” and “O”, they should be connected in a 1on1 chat room.
*If more than 2 persons have the same passcode, then “O” will get the following 3rd passcode. Else if no persons except “O” has the same code, then it should be an error and a retry is required.



Telephone has another serious problem.

People with hearing/speaking difficulty can not make a telephone call, therefore if they only know a telephone number to contact someone, they cannot start a communication!


BePath has a right solution to the problem as well!

“Chat Request Call Function” helps a person to make a automatic chat request call. Then the counter person receives a voice call to instruct how to connect to bepath and input passcodes. Finally the two persons can communicate on a BePath chat without verbal conversation.


At first, a person with hearing/speaking difficulty inputs a telephone number which they want to call to.


Then the counter person receives an automatic voice call to instruct how to connect BePath chat. They input the told 1st passcode on BePath.com and again push tones 2nd passcode which was displayed on BePath.com.  Finally the two persons will be connected on a BePath 1on1 chat.

When a telephone call is connected to a receptionist of a call-center, can you accurately and smoothly communicate only by verbal conversation?

What can you do with a usual telephone call?

BePath, a bypass chat service working with a usual telephone call, for accurate and 30%+ efficient call-center conversations.

Our chat-like web app turns a usual telephone call into an efficient unified communication with texting and file sharing between call-centers and customers within almost 10sec.
No app install and no ID exchange are required.

BePath will promptly solve your problems like…

  • Terrible efforts to propose or explain something to your counter persons without any visual/literal supports such as images, e-files etc.!
  • Difficulty to communicate complicated spells of name or e-mail address, URL etc.
  • Needs to share e-documents or data immediately without making any file sharing service accounts.
  • Needs to tell current position to shop/office staffs and to get an advice how to get there when you lose your way.
  • at the same time, you don’t need to disclose/communicate your private e-mail address, SNS ID etc.

You need only an web browser and internet connection along with your current aural conversation method (mobile phone, fixed phone, skype, etc. BePath can care for any sorts of aural communication).

Just a few cycle of passcode sharing, you can connect all of your counter person securely and quickly!

You can share not only texts but also e-files, images, URLs, GPS position etc.

This is quite good for international aural communication, such as native-nonnative speaker conversation.


BePath Features

SSL secured connection

・Posted texts and e-files are automatically deleted from the BePath server after 6 minutes after each post, therefore risks of data leak and hacking are low.

Patents applying “Staggered One-time Passcode Sharing” allows 1 on 1 connection without sharing any personal ID or address.
(You can disclose your personal data gradually after you can confirm that your counter person is reliable.)

No registration, no install required. Free to use!

No advertisement. No personal data trading. BePath protects your privacy!
(BePath will charge to business users who will apply for our callcenter solutions, shop solutions etc. that we are now preparing.)

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>>To BePath Demo


>>To BePath Demo

>>To BePath Demo